Here to make a difference to Heart Families

Meet the PATCHES Team

Maria -

volunteer ,admin ,group leader Nottinghamshire

Michelle Thompson -

Volunteer ,accounts ,admin, fundraising & events co-ordinator

Emma Turner -

Sheffield group representative & events co ordinator

Helen Farrands -

Leicester representative

Lisa Halliday Forsyth

Annual events co ordinator and Gloucestershire representative

                                      Meet our online team

    Here are some of the areas of experience our admin have !

Lisa Halliday Forsyth -  22q / Digeorge syndrome ,cerebral palsy feeding issues

Ruth Stevens -  Tetralogy of fallot (complex) mapcas & endocarditis

Vickie Kenyon- Hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) , hemiplegia , stroke 

Sheran Taylor - Cardiomyopathy , benefits support and advice

James Forsyth - 22q , cerebral palsy , feeding issues

Helen Farrands - Pulmonary Artresia , peg feeding 

Maria Linfield - Tetralogy of fallot , 22q11.2deletion ,tube feeding ,breast feeding , developmental delay, autism ,home educating & endocarditis

Michelle Thompson - Benefits ,support etc

Sarah Milner - Shones 


Working with The National Blood Association to encourage more people to donate blood x

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